Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 111: The incredible sulk.

So I'm still buzzing from the release of Ersatz GB, only had two days with it but it is already becoming ingrained, great stuff. Not as complex as YFOC but equally inventive. There's some development on there from the 'gruppe' as people seem to be calling them, you can tell its the same lot from last time, some of the guitar tones sound the same and one song starts off a little like Blindness which is nice. One song also sounds like Electric Wizard, but I'll do that tomorrow. Here's one people are talking about most I guess!?

Song: Greenway
Album: Ersatz GB
Year: 2011

So Mark sounds like the Incredible Hulk on this one, never heard him sound like this before, at first I hated it, but I think it almost is an impression of the hulk from the lyrics. He seems to be annoyed about a video he sees while channel-hopping on 'Danish rock TV' and the gruppe don't want to answer him, piling up chairs on the other side of the hotel room. this bizzare turn of events leads to the line that people are debating and finding fascinating at the moment and seems to have been mentioned in every review I've read too: 'I had to wank off the cat to feed the fucking dog' someone just mentioned it may well be 'wake up' rather than 'wank off' but I'm pretty sure its the weird one.

I hope when i'm 50-odd I'm still talking reams of shit to anyone who will listen, this is excellent. The hulk vocals could be his second attempt at Beefhearting it up of course, but whatever he is doing, he sounds incredible, like he is gargling phlegm or has just eaten a big cream cake before delivering the lines. I can imagine him clutching a bottle of whisky, careering around a hotel corridoor screaming 'Greenway' on every night of their recent tour. From the state of him in Leeds, no doubt his torso travelling faster than his feet. thankfully the tour got better, but as I've said previously, the bad Fall shows are still much more fun than any other gig you will see this year.

The promise of heavy metal is delivered via this song and maybe Mask Search on Ersatz GB, this one in particular sounds like a hardcore band chopping away before a beatdown at times, but still sounds Fall-like.

To anyone wandering here from the VISI forum, hello, please stay a while.

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