Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Day 101: Hit the north!

Bit of a curveball for today, don't think this appears on any album but it's great.

Song: Hit The North
Year: 1987
Album: Not aware, but it was a 12" single in 87 I think.

This one is just great, a proper fun pop single, complete with funny video. No great lines can be caught initially, but the refrain of group shouts of the title make this a real singalong one. Also features MES attempting a little dance, incredible. Brix looks posessed here, especially when she's using the sewing machine.

Look further, as ever, and you will find hidden gems buried in this case under some amazing saxaphone. The line buried under the first few refrains is actually 'My cat says ee-yack!' so take from that what you will. Mine kinda just grumbles.

Later on, if you read the lyrics out of context, they seem like a half-formed poem, lines include: 'Computers infest the hotels/Cops can't catch criminals' these sound like lines snatched from working men's clubs. The way he manages to pronounce the two lines so they just don't rhyme is incredible, another entry for the MES book of pronunciation surely.

Weirdly, youtube has placed an ad for 5-star hotels over this video, nice try youtube, but that's irony if ever I saw it.

This song spawned one of the best covers of a Fall song ever, by the inimitable Frank Sidebottom (to whom I am equally enamoured) RIP, he manages to confuse David Soul from Starsky and Hutch to the point of annoyance, amazing. Also manages to add a line to the title as well "Hit the north.... and hit the arcades!" amazing.

I miss Frank.

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  1. FWIW, it was on my US cassette of Frenz in '89.

    Great blog. Sorry, I mean, great blog-ah...