Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 115: Spit on the streets!

What a vulgar idea, but it does happen...

Song: Psycho Mafia
Album: Live At The Witch Trials (reissue)/Bingo Masters Break Out!
Year: 1978 for the EP.

This is an excellent little song and one that should never have been buried on an early EP, fans must have loved it when the CD reissue came out, it's just great.

What I love most about it is the punk attitude on display, but already the lyrics have transcended the genre, real grit, not just empty, boring stuff about monarchy or how tough life is. This conjures up a gang of drug-fuelled, eye-popping weirdos prowling around and everyone getting out their way. The British version of Rebel Without A Cause but no stupid bikes or leathe jackets, probably just donkey jackets and weird stares. This is compounded with lines like 'Our eyes are red/Our brains are dead'.

Mark's sneer is audible even at this early stage and the shortness of breath, resulting in 'Co! Mafia! showing what energy they pack into this two minute ripper. If there was ever a case for Mark's vocal talents being weak, doubters should be played this. Just snotty.

Sonic Youth have done a cover, but it lacks the simple charm of the original, but love the fact that SY have covered the Fall several times. By the way, does anyone think this sounds like Eat Y'Self Fitter?Link

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  1. Sonic Youth's version came from a Peel Session in the late 80's. As well as Psycho Mafia they did Rowche Rumble, My New House & Victoria. There is a bootleg 7'' & CD called 4 Tunna Brix