Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 116: The only Fall song my Dad could name.

My Dad likes music, a lot, but this is the only song by The Fall he has mentioned to me before, so here it is, this one is for Colin Shields, who does this blog along with other volunteers who are surveying heritage sites that are at risk at the moment.

So to the song:

Song: Rowche Rumble
Album: Single/Dragnet/Totale's Turns
Year: 1979

One of those annoying tracks that was never an album track but seems to have been a staple of live sets for years and was also the third single they ever released. It STINKS of ...Witch Trials but has much more in the way of inventiveness about it than you'd expect, lots of wurlitzer-style keyboards that could make you sick if you played this song too loud and plenty of strange vocal tics in there too. The bass has a bit of Clashness too it, but don't tell anyone I said that.

This must be one of the only songs ever to be written about pharmaceuticals and menopausal women. It may be cliched but there is something rather sinister about the pharmaceuticals industry, pricing each other out of the market, irrespective of how good the drugs work, they've always been rotters. This however, is an almost light-hearted take on it, the lines about Swiss gnomes suggest the Rowche is actually Roche AG, which was (and still is?) a big pharmaceuticals giant. MES does hint at the evil, The dope addicts are especially smashed and What are the people around you taking? certainly paint a horrible picture and he does go down the road of drugs protest as well: And loads of people across the land/ Who do a prescribed death dance/ While condemning speed and grass/ They got an addiction like a hole in the ass which paints a weird picture of people doing this new dance craze, this Rowche Rumble.

Again, this is an example of MES hiding some pretty dark material behind another seemingly singalong and perfectly harmless tune. Like the weirdo with sweets laced with arsenic down the park, he's smuggled the nasty stuff in. I bet loads of people have heard this song and never given it half a thought.

Makes Ant and Dec seem even more redundant doesn't it?

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