Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 24: Hey Hey Hey Hey.

So here's today's in all its on-time glory!

This song will be familiar to those not even into The Fall, it was on a Vauxhall Corsa advert a few years ago (I actually own a Corsa now, coincidence?) it has some incredible lines and Mark's vocals are as vital as they ever were, the refrain of "Hey Hey Hey Hey" gets me every time, love this one.

Song: Touch Sensitive
Album: The Marshall Suite

Year: 1999

So yeah, advert credentials aside, this is a pop song in the best sense, catchy and fun, as well as produced amazingly well, with some great group vocals over it, THAT chorus is one that will follow them around for years to come, can't quite believe it's over ten years old already, this would have been one of the first songs I heard by the band after some anonymous Fall fan sent me a bootleg of some gigs on a blank CD, with a simple note on the front saying "Not Appreciated!" there was a live version of this on it and it sounded so vital, I think that's where The Fall clicked with me.

Typical playful lyrics include: "And you're dying for a pee/So you go behind a tree/And a Star Wars police vehicle pulls up/I say gimme a taxi" which is just brilliant, I can just imagine a situation that inspired this, MES in a stupor doing his business only to be accosted by a futuristic cop car, brilliant. The lines about "if you smile you are a creep" could be a comment on how we are all a bit too reserved these days, I had the pleasure the other day of walking in a country park and people passing all said hello and smiled, in any other situation, I'd be freaked out, so why is it normal if you're wearing a fleece or avoiding sheep droppings? Very odd.

The video merits some mention here, really good, almost a call from the rooftops, MES with a handheld camera, and people on the wrong instruments (I presume on purpose?) which is hilarious, the drummer is beating a keyboard with drumsticks for gawd's sake! I'd like to know who the crowd are on here, I presume they are one of two groups, either Fall fans, hand-picked to enthusiastically jump about to their favourite band (yeah right) or a group of people Smith has had rounded up and paid a tenner each to look interested (more likely).

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