Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 31: Both my enemy and my friend.

Here's a fantastic one, so many elements in this near-four minutes its dizzying. This is a genuine piece of art here, enjoy.

Song: Sons Of Temperance
Album: The Unutterable

Year: 2000

Part old-style Fall, part dream pop thanks to the keyboard swells in the background, it also has some elements of j-pop, the quirky and quickly-changing focus means it doesn't stay in the same place for too long (yes this is The Fall).

The vocals are acid-tinged here, snarled, grumbled and eventually sang in a feint, almost ethereal way, the lyrics concerning this country's moral compass, some of the lyrics sound almost personal: "The firmament is both my enemy and my friend/One thing's for sure - division in my soul" this has a sad air to it, but then is followed by the hilarious: "You're an androgynous piece of slop" if he has actually said that to anyone, I'd love to know the back story, love it when an image is conjoured up out of nowhere.

Elsewhere, the chorus, with its defiant group vocals mean it packs a punk-tinged punch that is memorable, I'm sure I'll be singing "Roll up! Sons of temperance!" all day. Following the chorus is the dream-pop I alluded to earlier, a trippy, psychedelic Fall for a few moments, before crashing back to the main riff once more.

Reading the lyrics without the music is quite moving, forget Mark's snarl and just read these closing lines and it sounds like something you might read in a po-faced memoir: "On the night out of the valley/On sweet silence/Dark distortions of the past/And the restructure of your new life" very revelation-like and a bit dark at the same time, MES never fails to surprise me, and wading through these lyrics is like studying poetry, but poetry that could reference anything and veer to corners of the psyche that others dare not to.

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