Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 45: Like forsooth, by gad, verily!

I wanted to do another song off The Infotainment Scan immediately due to listening to it today, amazing album that sounds unlike any other album, even from around the time.

Song: It's A Curse
Album: The Infotainment Scan

Year: 1993

So this is a bitter, clever and very representative of MES's style at its best song. The rest of the album has its fair share of bitterness, but this has some killer lines in it, quite direct.

The song has a choppy, staccato riff that peppers the scene to give MES some room to flex his scrawny self over them. There's a song on this album called Glam Racket, in which he attacks, not by name, the band Suede, the indie-rockers who are currently enjoying a reformation resurgence about now, but I'd say this continues here, again, no specifically, but the lines: 'I do not like your tone/It has an ephemeral, whinging aspect' could well be about Suede frontman Brett Anderson, he did have a nasal, annoying voice, I'm a bit of a fan, I was about 8 or 9 when they came out so it formed some of the pop/guitar music I heard at the time. Obviously MES hates anything that brings back the past in an obvious way, further confirmed later when he randomly spits a curse about nostalgia bores: 'Balti, Vimto and Spangles, were always crap, regardless of the look-back bores' I agree with this to an extent, there's nothing worse than dealing with someone who talks constantly about things which happened in the past, there's nothing wrong with reminiscing but putting a rose-tinted view on things which have disappeared for a reason is just dull. Having said that, Suede and Vimto are back with a vengeance, so perhaps MES has put a curse on himself here. Spangles made a brief reappearance in the mid-90s but died an equally quick death, I remember seeing some for sale in my local Woolies, none of my friends ever bought them, and neither did I.

Elsewhere, there is talk of sandwiches being stashed in side-pockets, another call to arms on tedium from the master chronicler of weirdness it seems. The line about 'frog-like chins, ready to burst' and 'bargain vampires' makes me laugh every time, I can imagine someone walking down the street and seeing these weird people just plainly existing.

The title of today's blog comes from the opening lines, which never fail to raise a smile, really good, full of class-hate and loathing as well as being stellar MES in action.

Going to have to close this one early, I've places to be, I have decided that if I miss a day (like I did yesterday) I will always try and catch up as soon as I can, that is my promise to you dear readers.


  1. MES claims in this interview that "Glam Racket" is in no way about the band, Suede.

  2. one of my favourite albums..which coincidentally I played earlier today before catching up with your blog...