Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 53: Don't mess with Brix.

A nice simple one today, one of the rare times Brix takes over on main vocals, I know this divides fans, it is a bit rough and ready.

Song: Don't Call Me Darling
Album: Cerebral Caustic

Year: 1995

So I can see why people might not like this one, Mark's vocals take a back seat here and the lyrics aren't that spectacular, they basically set the scene, which to me is to rally against macho knobheads in clubs, who may well use the old vernacular 'Darling'. I'm not sure anyone says the word quite like the British, cockneys, liverpudlians, yorkshire people, all have their own way of saying it, it is one of the most sarcastic words when said in a particular way, which can be equally offensive.

Brix's delivery is raging and almost like nails down a chalkboard for me, she has this raw gravelly aspect to her voice that suggests she really does mean what she's screaming, I'd just prefer to have had a bit more variety, this could have been a real spot to develop some lyrics on an excellent theme.

The music gathers pace, with some excellent keys underneath it all, like Peel said, the Fall are always different, always the same, the beat, riff and timing of the music could be from anywhere, but the dynamics and the fact it cuts out before Brix is done caterwauling is totally unique to the song.

I think this one really speaks for itself, so in a rare moment of clarity, I'm going to cut this one really short, what do people think of this particular track? Brilliant feminist Fall, or annoying, insistent growling?

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