Monday, 30 May 2011

Day 77: She studied bees.

Here's a great one today.

Song: Two Librans
Album: The Unutterable
Year: 2000

To say the lyrics in this song are obtuse would be to state the obvious, but they really are. What other band would mention Tolstoy and Oprah Winfrey in the same 4 minutes? The way he mispronounces Chechnya is also hilarious, Chechehcchchchch?

The music is full of punk guts, hard and full of attitude, this harsh and frantic sound is focused and seems to me to run through the whole album, the drums sound very similar to Cyber Insekt, which is no bad thing, it sounds futuristic and forward-thinking. I like the brief respites with almost drum and bass parts and single, plonking piano notes, brings the idea of dynamics into play, which The Fall are almost synonymous with not using. Mark's vocals are a fierce snarl, he sounds like he is approaching the mic as if it has spilled his pint, rasping and growling some of the closing syllables and he adds his trademark '-uh' to a few more lines than usual. I always like it when he does this, paints the song as truly his.

I can imagine this is a good one live, though I've not seen it, is there a video floating around anywhere?

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  1. Live versions of Unnutterable, Are You Are Missing Winner & The Marshall Suite tracks are available on the 'Touch Sensitive Bootleg Box Set'. 5 x cd's live in the US, UK & Holland 2001.