Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 63: Uh-Reformation!

Okay here is a brilliant one, this album needs to find a home in my car, though it might make me speed.

Song: Reformation!
Album: Reformation Post-TLC
Year: 2007

Things that are amazing about this track (here's a change for today)

* That bassline.

* That bass sound (rumbly)

* Lots of Uhs! Which is always good.

* Reformation! shouts, great stuff.

* This one also reminds me of The Dead Kennedys, a good thing.

* The cover to this album is one of the best Fall record covers ever, either a mosaic or a cracked stained-glass window, either way, looks great and suits the record title perfectly.

* The fact that the shouts of Reformation! get more strained as the song progresses, real emotion.

* These lyrics make MES sound like a confused old man, but could also be about the previous lineup splitting and the uncertainty that surrounds that (every time): Two or three weeks/
Three or two weeks/Who did...what the.../What's the matter?

That bassline, again, its making me jump up and down, what a song.

* Cheese states/Goldfish bowl two lines that are unconnected, but are both screaming out at me as being pregnant with meaning, Cheese states I can imagine being about travelling through the US with this particular lineup (one of the BEST I still maintain) and seeing various signs like 'Arkansas, America's frying pan lid' and the like, I wish we did that over here, 'South Yorkshire, Sheffield is nice, avoid the rest'? The other line could quite clearly be the old meaning of everyone looking at him like he's in a bowl, analysing what he is doing, the drags of a life in the public eye.

* That bassline, think its only two notes, I still rate it.


  1. This is a great idea. I'm tremendously impressed. But that track of Room to Live (the violin one) is quite simply dreadful.

  2. You missed an opportunity to post the brilliant video of Reformation. It's like something David Lynch would make the way they find Eleni in The Red Room.

    You have to love that Fall line-up with 'The Dudes' too