Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day 67: Book of film on rack.

Here's an unusual one, with a futuristic slant.

Song: Cyber Insekt
Album: The Unutterable
Year: 2000

Now could this be about the millenium bug? Remember that? Hilarious, COMPUTERS WILL DROP PLANES FROM THE SKY, nope, didn't happen did it?

This is the opening track off a reinvigorated Fall album and features Frank Chickens vocalist and all-round media busy woman Kazuko Hohki, who adds, weirdly, a European edge to what is already an unusual Fall song.

The guitars appear to have been eschewed here for deep synths and strings as well as a rattling, train-like beat in the background, there's some fantastic noises here and its all very dystopian future, a great opener to a great album. It's all a bit Blade Runner, commenting on our influences not being that original 'Book of film' and 'Book of book' being interchangeable examples throughout.

The misspelling of song titles is something MES has always liked to do, but here I feel it is a snide comment on the kind of terrible sci-fi he is perhaps parodying here, the kind of awful book or DVD you might see for sale in an airport or train station, the references to 'book of film on station rack' may give this some weight, quite funny really.

I like the chilled out section in the middle, still bogged down with samples, but still makes it sound like a dance track with a brief chillout, this is The Fall via Ibiza, via some futuristic wasteland, brilliant.

Thinking about that drumbeat, it sounds like a lot of cyber metal around at the time, if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out Pitchshifter or Mad Capsule Markets, although I'm sure this is just coincidence, it even has elements of the brief reign of madness this band held for a while back around the turn of the millennium.

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  1. Good stuff. The drums, however, are straight from The Sweet's Ballroom Blitz. No bad thing.