Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 75: How to ruin rock and roll.

This is just strange...

Song: Jungle Rock
Album: Levitate
Year: 1997

This is a cover of a novelty song, which they've done before, but this one is just a bit dull, MES sounds a bit uninspired, the guitars at some points sound like dot matrix printers droning on and the whole thing never takes off to be honest. People have given me mixed messages about Levitate, what I've realised so far is that it is a difficult one, given the trouble surrounding it with people leaving and things happening all over the place, its understandable some of it sounds a bit thrown together, but this is just a bit disappointing.

Taking a positive out is difficult, if I was being kind, you could say they've flipped the feel of the original, which was a chirpy rock and roll number (which was used on a Vic and Bob sketch where Tom Fun is squashed into an arcade machine being thrusted by a model of a gorilla). The Fall version sucks all the joy out of the original and turns it into a down-trodden damp squib. I think I'll be skipping this song from now on and I don't normally skip anything, I like to absorb albums, even duff tracks.

Think this is the worst song I've blogged so far so I'll stop here.

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