Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 76: Batten down the hatches...

I wanted to blog another Levitate song today just to give it some balance due to my panning of Jungle Rock yesterday.

Song: Hurricane Edward
Album: Levitate
Year: 1997

This one, again, is a smorgasbord of noise, the guitars again sound like early-90s printers, there's also some electronica bubbling under there, but this time the drums take centre-stage, relentless and pummeling, they don't really give up at all, even in the second half when industrial noises and a taped reading by Tommy Crooks talking takes over. This song is so patchwork-quilt that it sounds like it was found following a hurricane, lying with its tape spooled over grass, wound back in and included in the album sessions. At points the guitars and bass sound very Trout Mask Replica, awash with bad tuning, bowed strings and a sense of almost anti-rhythm.

Mark sounds a bit nonchalant on this one, but it suits the ebb and flow of sound, bringing together what could easily be a sound collage without it. The lyrics deal with some first-hand reports of a hurricane, the vague imagery espoused paint more of a picture than they realise I think, the lines like 'My ears were rushing' and 'He knew the climate' conjure up being taken by surprise.

The second section which I briefly mentioned, is almost like hearing a conversation over the sound of pounding farm machinery, quite creative really, the drums keep a driving beat while the guitars gurgle and scratch and there's some feedback creating some white noise in there as well. All very impressive. Perhaps the musicians involved are now making documentary soundtracks for Channel 4, all drones and stark beats.

In other Fall news, I just bought a gig advert off eBay which is for a gig The Fall played the day I was born, apparently at the Lyceum in London, its only a small black and white ad, but thought it'd be good to frame. I wonder what songs they played, it was 1984, so I'm guessing stuff off Perverted By Language and The Wonderful and Frightening World...

Ha! Just had a look at the visi site, thanks to the obsessive nature of Falldom, they have the setlist:

No Bulbs/ GodBox/ The Classical/ Elves/ Fortress/ Clear Off/ Smile/ Copped It/ Slang King/ 2x4/ Pat Trip Dispenser/ Lay Of The Land/ Stephen Song/ Hey! Marc Riley

Sounds like a hell of a gig.

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