Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 14: Heart attack.

So here's an early one, but one that sticks in the mind. One of the more humorous examples from the often angry early Fall.

Song: Your Heart Out
Album: Dragnet

Year: 1979

Think I must mention the line "Don't cry for me Mexico" just MES at his most playful, silly and makes me laugh every time. This is one of the more underrated Fall albums, people tend to forget it in favour of Witch Trials or Hex, but its full of some belters.

This particular song takes lyrics from reviews they received (I presume from gigs?) with the obvious reference being the line "I don't sing i just shout/All on one note!" which suggests they don't care about these reviewers opinions, and to be honest, if you are focusing on Mark's delivery, then you're missing the point. Yes he may shout, but as countless ex-Fall members have said, he orchestrates wonderful music out of others who can play, and his sense of rhythm is fantastic. Who cares if he sounds like the village soak braying away? If you listen to what he's got to say, there's a lot to hear. Oddly on this track, he actually sounds tuneful and so do the backing vocals, so there.

This track fair reminds me of Half Man Half Biscuit, the repetitive guitar lines are nothing new for The Fall, but the guitar tone, along with Mark's conversational delivery here mark this out as one that maybe influenced HMHB, they certainly carry that tongue-in-cheek element as well as The Fall do.

I've had a Fall overload today, span Middle Class Revolt in the sunshine in South Yorkshire, 15 Ways sounds great in the car.

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