Friday, 18 March 2011

Day four: A stroll round a deer park?

Today's song is one of my personal faves, no idea what the hell the lyrics are about but they are incredible. Often find myself singing "CH10 Ch11". The line "I took a walk down West 11, I had to wade through 500 european punks" is absolutely batty and makes me laugh on the nth listen.

Song: Fortress/Deer Park
Album: Hex Enduction Hour
Year: 1982

So the lyrics continue to pour out, "Have you ever been to the English Deer Park? It's a large type minstrel ranch" incredible.

This bit fascinates me: "Hey Manchester group what wasn't what you thought
Hey Scottish group that wasn't quite like what you thought
Hey Manchester group that wasn't what you thought
Hey Scottish group that wasn't quite like what you thought
Quite like what you thought
Hey Midlands, scooped yer, how d'you ever get the job?"

I presume this is a reaction to crowd reaction or what people expect of The Fall, suppose they get lumped in with punk/new wave and pop, so someone not used to them would get a shock seeing them for the first time.

This is an era of the Fall I miss, chaotic keyboards cutting through an incredible bass sound with Mark still sharp and focused, don't get me wrong, I love his slurrings nowadays, but this is the sound of the typical 'angry young man' that really hits the spot.

I'd say Hex Enduction Hour is one of my favourite albums, anyone new to The Fall should probably start with that, it has every element that makes them great, the punk spirit, the repetition and the lyrics are as baffling and acerbic as they have ever been, a real standout album among many.

Sorry it's a quick one today, but the song speaks for itself surely!?

Oh and fact fans, existential writer Colin Wilson is repeatedly mentioned on this track, which has prompted me to check some of his stuff out.

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