Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 15: Hot June, Sunny Afternoons?

Here's a weird one off The Unutterable, a short blast with some lovely production and some flighty keyboard work from the Nagle lineup.

Song: Hot Runes
Album: The Unutterable

Year: 2000

So it's a nice laid back one this, MES sounds relaxed and cool, just like the lyrics (Hot June, sunny afternoons) there's some nice punnage going on in this (hyper-bowl/hyperbole and hot june/hot rune) but mostly its just a scratchy, singalong tune. I've not really listened to this album much, but I think I'll be delving into its depths this week.

Most notable thing about the album is it features a pretty stable lineup for that period of The Fall, the same lineup that recorded The Marshall Suite in 1999 recorded this, so they had a year to get polished, something which shows, the songwriting on here is nice and focused.

Adieu, its too late to write that much, going to start writing in the day instead of last thing at night!

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