Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Day Eight: The Green-Eyed Monster...

This is a bit of an odd one for me, love the track, always have since I got it on a bootleg some guy sent me which was a CDR in a card slipcase, simply called 'Not Appreciated'. It was a live version that is possibly better than this album version, reason being that this whole album was skewed when released, having been messed with quite considerably, the track here in question has elements where you can hear there are gaps where backing vocals used to be, the keyboards are apparently quieter in this mix (but not so much, they still cut through like hell) and it generally sounds rushed. However, it is still a catchy and hypnotic one and for years I was convinced this was a cover, not so, Mark E Smith you wonderful creature.

Song: Green-Eyed Loco Man
Album: The Real New Fall (fka Country On The Click)
Year: 2003

Mark sounds very relaxed here, slurring his vocals but sounding oddly in-tune when he sings the chorus, the lyrics are again scattershot but reveal some sort of malice on closer inspection:

Where you're standing, I don't see you

Your reflected green eyes take two foot off you

I'm moving fast but you are tight

Your fractured eyes force me through the night

It's hard to work out which one is the green-eyed one here, Mark or the person in question, it sounds like a real call-out to an anonymous target.

Other tracks on the album sound this edgy and dangerous as well, this is an antagonistic vision of The Fall, the mixing issues seem to make them even more threatening. I've heard a more relaxed version of 'Green Eyed Loco Man' where Mark sounds more laid back and the mix is a lot cleaner and it takes on a stoned air, relaxing and pleasing, just going to show that The Fall write deceptively complex arrangements under what seems like repetition.

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