Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day five: The Fall can give you Wings.

Today's song is 'Wings' from 'Perverted By Language' which is the start of the Brix-influenced era, more pop-like but still retaining that resolute Fall sound, repetitive and bitter as ever. This one appeared as a bonus track with the CD reissue of PBL, but is one of those hidden gems.

Track: Wings
Album: Perverted By Language
Year: 1983

It basically sounds alot like the rest of the material on PBL, one guitar riff (most likely Brix) playing incessantly while Mark delivers what sounds like poetry to me, a take on airlines, academia and the passing of time, particuarly like this bit: "Purchased a pair of flabby wings/I took to do some hovering/Here is a list of incorrect things".

Smith can take the mundane and make it sound magical and profound, often without you noticing on first listen, the closing lines are really rather sad: "A small alteration of the past/Can turn time into space/Small touches can alter more than a mere decade".

Ending there, listen to the track, shows more than I can say about it. Probably best to ignore Brix talking at the end of the video I've used.

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