Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day nine: A piece of cake.

So this is off their album from last year, which I have to say, has fast become one of my favourites, really well produced, insane lyrics and a swagger that suggests they had fun making it, a rarity surely for Fall albums?

Despite problems with Domino (parts were re-recorded as far as I can tell) this is just frenetic Fall, This particular song is a bluesy number, with some pretty alluring backing vocals from Elena, (aah aah aah ooh?).

Song: Hot Cake
Album: Your Future Our Clutter
Year: 2010

Okay, so the version I have found is not the album version but is pretty damn close, this should really be known as Slippy Floor part 1, as it mirrors the song later on called that. Mark lets out some animalistic noises on this, which is a stream of conciousness affair, taking in Mr Spock, not being able to answer the door and stating The Bill is on telly (its not any more, The Fall have outlived it!).

I feel this is simply a drunk song, the slippy floor could be motor skills impaired, the line 'my dialogue is declining' adds to this, on some level it could be Alzheimers, but I seriously doubt they'd stray into anything so dour on a generally fun song. Could be a nod back to the line about beer in 'Couldn't Get Ahead', (I fear beer is making a sludge of my head) who knows?

What I'd like to harp on about here though, is the production, from the drums to the bass, this is reminiscent of Fall Heads Roll, but has a more trashy feel, indeed the whole album feels chopped up and splayed for all to see, but still retains a quality that is missing on other Fall recordings.

If I start talking about the album I'll be here all night, so I'll end here, I'm sure I'll do gargantuan posts for the songs 'Mexican Wax Solvent' and 'Bury'.

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