Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day three, I need a Pharmacist.

Today's slice of Fall action is their brilliant cover of The Other Half's 'Mr Pharmacist' both upbeat and still a live favourite after 24 years. It's a short, but sweet single that gave them their first top 75 entry in the charts, I can imagine this sounds fantastic on a scratchy 7", it's punk without sounding rough, pop without sounding twee, great stuff.

Song: Mr Pharmacist
Album: Bend Sinister
Year: 1986

At just two and a half minutes, this is a swaying, upbeat number, with Mark evidently taking pleasure in singing (as close as he gets to the art) this pop gem. The guitars jangle along nicely and it's a nice, catchy homage to what I'd guess are The Fall's roots, 60s pop. The video I've used is a weird promo, featuring a man dressed up to look presumably ill with comedy red spots covering him all over. The shots of the band range from bizzare (playing outside a concrete office building) to the hilarious (Mark grinding up against the guitarist in the shadow of what looks like a casino at night?).

There are also strange messages permeating the short, but packed video, "Creative theft is vacuous" being my favourite, a comment on the fact it's a cover? Who knows?

Particularly love the sped-up section towards the end, lovely stuff.

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