Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day six: Angry Mark.

Song: He Pep!
Album: The Light User Syndrome
Year: 1996

This is the last album to feature Brix, and apparently was recorded in a rush, with Mark recording his vocals all in one day. This song is a chaotic cut from this, with the amateurish Julia Nagle playing keyboards all over it, to varying degrees of genius and discord. It's again a pacey, loud, brash attack to all the senses.

No idea what the hell 'He Pep!' could mean, but the track features a cacophony of keyboard, drums, guitars, some Brix backing vocals and Mark does sound a bit wild here, shouting again rather than singing or his simple oration, some garbled lyrics about parker pens, scruffy hair, David Bowie and what he terms 'traitorism'.

The keyboards sound like a futuristic Mega Drive game, possibly featuring robots, quite club-like as well. What do people make of this one? I'm in two minds.

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