Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day 82: I'm kinda two-tone...PUH!

Best song about a hangover ever?

Song: Feeling Numb
Album: Cerebral Caustic
Year: 1995

This one's great, Mark sounds like he is waking up all the way through this one, from the opening bits, talking about prozac and being numb post-festivities, Brix's beautiful chorus seems to get his interest and he sounds more and more sharp through the song. The lyrics are great, just general points about how he is feeling post-party I presume.

Brix's chorus is amazing, makes it sound equally 90s and 60s pop, Mark doesn't even ruin the choruses, even when he joins in. Just a good pop song.

Have to say this, the music reminds me of Elastica, which is obviously a band that The Fall are linked with, what with MES singing on a few songs and them being influenced by The Fall quite a bit. It's that trebly, yet still hefty guitar tone that does it, the drums also contribute to this, the clipped, staccato nature of it all is very britpop (I hated that term at the time, still do now). That said, parts of it sound a bit surf-rock and psychedelic, so it is probably another spongy, all-encompassing influence ball as usual.

Have to say, MES actually attempts some singing here and it actually sounds great, do any songs exist where he sings all the way through? Perhaps you can help me out Fall fans, I think he has a great voice when he tries, but wouldn't swap his vocal style ever.

Another highlight on this track.... the closing noise he makes... PUH.


  1. "do any songs exist where he sings all the way through?"

    The cover of White Line Fever on Post Reformation: TLC is the obvious choice I guess.

  2. "do any songs exist where he sings all the way through?"

    I guess in "Book Of Lies"