Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 93: He has patents on moaning!

This one sounds better live I reckon, the production on this studio is a bit flat in my eyes, but who cares? Still an awesome song. Check out the entry I did for the song Smile, the live video in that follows it up with what I'd say is a definitive version of this song.

Song: 2x4
Album: The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall
Year: 1984

This is a Fall staple, just a simple, yet effective riff, but his vocals here approach that squeaky scream he rarely attempts these days, really distinctive. I actually love Brix's backing vocals here, she sounds very riot grrl here, did she ever get into that scene? The Adult Net seems a bit too pop to be considered spiky enough I suppose. This one showcases her unique guitar style and isn't buried by the dual drummers, something I wish we could see again, it adds just something else to the whole sound.

I'd say this is as close to punk as the Fall come in this era, a simple, 3 minute rager, as the rest of this album certainly explores some more pop and folkish elements. Underneath all the audio mess is again a tale of dark prose told in a rush, this time on what seems to be a serial killer with some very strange habits, who wears glasses and now has a 'Georgian glazed porch' who else could get those three words into a song that is essentially about hitting someone over the head with a piece of wood? You know who.

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