Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 92: Up from Hell, once in a while

This would have been Tuesday's offering...

Song: Fiery Jack
Album: Totale's Turns
Year: 1980

I've had to use a recording for the video I'm not sure which version it's from, but sounds good anyway. This was on Totale's Turns, which was a part-live/part-studio beast. This song has a country-esque sound, kind of like the music they use for long chases on westerns or on films like Smoky and The Bandit.

It's quite a performance, the song never really changes, the same insistent drums and fiddly guitar line with some trebly noises over the top now and again, so it doesn't really build much atmosphere. MES is on top form, seeming to be alluding to someone who has drank their life away (a portent on his own life?) and reminds me of Married, 2 Kids as this is almost the polar opposite.

Fiery Jack
seems to be a bit of a bastard and I know this is years before he got the reputation, but could almost be the 'Mad Mark' character. Where this differs is it's a critique of the needlessly angry, just potshots at some idea of a masculine man maybe.

He gets particularly aggressive towards the end, insisting 'Eat this grenade' over and over, the random threat coming out of nowhere, as it often does with heavy drinkers.

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