Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 97: You think you're a giant...

One of my favourites this.

Song: Ride Away
Album: Fall Heads Roll
Year: 2005

This one is just amazing, what an opener, those drums just pound away, the guitar comes in with that reggae lick and MES just sounds lackadaisical while still focused.

The lyrics are great, the simple act of bringing someone down a few rungs, what more needs to be said?

I think this is one of the most stark Fall songs of recent years, almost no instrumentation, so when they do add the odd element, a simple cymbal crash can sound massive. Despite the lack of music as it were, there's a hell of a lot to shout about with this, the hilarious lines 'You think you're a giant, you know you're a nothing, hey' and the strange imagery that hangs on lines like 'As you travel through hill and valley' make this entirely unique, it actually serves as one of the most effective 'intro songs' I can think of, seguing into the excellent Pacifying Joint, in which the whole band are almost allowed to burst forward into, smart use of dynamics there.

Fall Heads Roll is full of clever little twists like this, if you haven't dug it out for a while, treat yourself this week.

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