Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 98: Ted Rogers' brains burn in hell.

Ted Rogers, if I presume he's talking about this guy, was a TV presenter on a pretty tacky game show in the UK called 3,2,1 and his mascot was a robotic bin, or trash can for the 'mericans. Why he is mentioned in this song I have no idea, but I like it. Just look at him, white trousers with a blue blazer,you can almost smell the roast dinner (I remember this being on Sunday teatimes for some reason, may have been repeats).

I like how Dusty Bin's nose is held on by string, almost like they gave him a nose as an afterthought.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with The Fall, reads more like a mental breakdown at the moment.

Here's the actual song, it's a beauty!

Song: Joker Hysterical Face
Album: Room To Live
Year: 1982

You could actually base the first few lines of this song in today's reality 'The sweetest sound she had ever heard/Was the whingeing and crying due to the recession' quite apt. Don't know about in the US and wherever else people are reading this from, but the UK is a grim place to be these days, people losing their jobs, suffering cutbacks and for some reason today, the government (tory as is was back then) has decided women need to work for longer, that seems unfair, as some labour back-bencher said today, those women can just throw their future plans in the bin, cheers Dave. My parents both recently retired, I'm betting they are glad they did.

This song is actually brilliant, it has some amazing riffs in there, all swaying and upbeat, it's very Half Man Half Biscuit, who although an amazing band, never moved on from their initial style (another band I could easily blog about like this forever). If you are a Fall fan and wrote HMHB off years ago due to the name, go and grab a copy of their latest album and laugh yourself silly, it's the same sense of humour MES has, without the malice.

The lyrics in this one are great, stuff about throwing 45s at people and the echoing lines of 'There's no cure/So find a place for it' is referring to I think, the job/social situation at the time, this was the 80s in the UK, deprived, especially in the north and bloody depressing, watch this for proof.

If you do watch that play (and you should) there's a great monologue in part 4 (I think) that's simply a woman telling the camera how terrible her life is, she is exactly who I thought of when I read the lyrics to this one.

What other band can make you piss yourself ('Ted Rogers' brains burn in hell') to the depths of social realism this fast?

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