Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 86: I got a lot of things to say now baby...

Never let it be said that The Fall let things get stale...

Song: I'm Frank
Album: Extricate
Year: 1990

So this is possibly the only Fall song to feature a flute (correct me if I'm wrong) and has an upbeat and rockabilly style, Martin Bramah was back for this album and the guitars sound incredible on this one.

MES's vocals sound great, he almost sings every line on this one and the guitars and him combine to create a call and response style effort. This one is notable for its simplicity and a fantastic middle 8, sounding for all the world like a pop song, but without the influence of Brix, showing MES has an ear for pop of his own. The production sounds probably the best The Fall can sound, everything is clear and you can even tell the extra percussion adds weight to this as well. I can't believe how up to date this sounds given it was recorded 21 years ago, The Fall are timeless.

This is another Fall song that plays well on a long journey, might be one to watch the speedometer though, it makes me put a bit too much gas on personally.

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