Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 90: It's been the bane of my life...

Chilled out one for Sunday.

Song: Time Enough At Last
Album: Code:Selfish
Year: 1992

Among the techno and sometimes hectoring vocals on display from this 1992 offering, Time Enough At Last is a milder, more relaxed foray into Smith's head, the title taken from the classic Twighlight Zone episode, first broadcast in 1959. The story features a man who loves to read, but is prevented from doing so by those around him. Surviving a nuclear blast which kills everyone in the world except him, he stumbles across the remains of the public library and sorts out books he wants to read for his now empty lifetime. Just as he settles down to read, he breaks his glasses, meaning he cannot read again. I think the point is 'be careful what you wish for' but in my mind, he could easily find some glasses somewhere.

Anyway, this song seems to be about taking stock of your life, taking a step back and deciding what to do and trying to deal with life's problems, there's a line 'the projectiles hit you/When you least expect it' which is true enough.

Overall, the song has a wishy washy feel with shoegaze-style guitars and MES in an almost-singing mood. It's all very airy, but these kind of Fall song are sometimes what you need.


  1. Keep going. I like to be reminded of Fall lps I've not played in a long time

  2. Must say, that's a lyric from the song, not a personal opinion, love doing the blog!